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This week, Reveler Emily Ashley presented a talk at the #JSGeo conference in Austin. First of all, we're so proud of her! Also, we'd like to share some of her points with you.
The JSGeo conference gathers folks with an enthusiasm for code and maps. Emily presented a talk on how those with a traditional GIS/geospatial background can share their skills with their wider company, even if their current role isn't focused in that area.

Which brings us to this diagram. Our illustrator, Jason Robinson, updated that well-known "Impostor Syndrome" chart to help depict that there should be no negativity in protecting or wondering what the difference between your skillset and others' knowledge base is.

There is happiness in knowing that all of our skills, backgrounds, and education have partial overlap, and you can create a way to sprinkle your personal abilities and interests into the different projects your company takes on.

So, where, and how, will you share your unique fairy dust at work?